Saturday, June 26, 2010

Torrey Pines; Parry Grove Trail (#15)

June 10, 2010-

This probably should have been one posting along with the Guy Fleming Trail (see last post) since it was on the same day and in the same area, but I think the trail is unique enough to rate its own blog space. The Parry Grove Trail, in Torrey Pines, is only a hundred yards up the road back toward the visitor center.

One of the unique features of this trail was the stairs. It
must have been a lot of work getting them in there to begin with.
It was kind of a lot of work walking down them, that's for sure.

Look closely and behind these cool caves you will
see La Jolla off in the distance.

Heading back up the trail = Stair Master Deluxe!
The trail was actually quite short, only a 2/3 mile loop.
The picture above is looking back down on the trail.

This photo is looking east from the road heading
back up to the the parking lot.

Finally, just your everyday parking lot variety of cactus in bloom. Lots of blooms.
All in all, another very nice hike!

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