Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sweetwater Reservoir (#4)

May 26, 2010 - I was actually fairly excited about this walk at the Sweetwater Reservoir in Spring Valley because I've seen it from a distance for so many years. This hike turned out to be a bust however. As you'll see from the pictures, on this particular day Sweetwater Reservoir may as well have been Fort Knox. My online investigation led me to this trail head (top picture) at the Sweetwater Summit Campground on San Miguel Road in the northeastern edge of Bonita. So far, so good right? The next picture shows you what I found - a nice trail with a closed gate. Tip #1: do not come for this hike unless it's Saturday, Sunday or Monday. But wait! I can travel straight on the road and find the trail that goes around the south side of this pristine waterhole. As you can see, I found barbed wire fence, a small dam (pretty neat actually; glad it held up as I walked by), more barbed wire and... duhn, duhn, duhn... another closed gate. The good news? Our water supply here on the southwestern part of the nation is safe and sound. I guess that's why its pristine.


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