Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Green Valley Falls (#8)

May 29, 2010 - It's not far down the road from Stonewall Peak, heading back toward home, that you will find another trail leading to a great wet spot for cooling down your toes (freezing them actually) after a warm hike.

Green Valley Falls is a popular spot this time of the year when there is still plenty of water flowing. I believe there is actually miles of trail to be had here but we only made it the half mile to the falls.

The trail to the falls, as short as it is, is really very nice.

Not very far down the path you will run into the upper part of the falls which can be a nice spot to stop and play around a little bit. Fun for hopping around on the rocks and splashing around.

We didn't do that though - we went directly to the bottom.

At the final destination there are some nice little pools to wade in and a mini water slide.

There is also a rock ledge off of which one can jump (hopefully with good aim) into a small, but "mostly" deep enough, pool of water.

We didn't do that!


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