Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crown Cove (#19)

June 24, 2010- I was saying, I was drawn, almost magnetically, into this dark cave, a seemingly endless tunnel... well, okay, technically there was light at the other end...

so I plummeted head first into the abyss.
Kinda creepy huh? At least a little suspenseful, right?

...and when I popped out other side,
into a totally new dimension,
I found myself in "Aquatic Land!"

Actually it was Crown Cove on the bay-side of Siverstrand. As I continued on I was surprised to find a white sand beach bordered by the perfectly blue bay and accented with a few catamarans for good effect. So California, don'tcha think?

Equally surprising, but much better than a trendy sailboat, I stumbled upon my wife with a few of our kayaks. I was convinced that she was ready to use her womanly wiles to coax me into a little "paddle about."

She explained that I could overlook a minor detail by 1) changing my blog to "Paddling" Here and There, or 2) pretending I am simply walking on my hands.

Either way, she convinced me... and out to the bay we paddled.

Did I tell you my wife is a much better paddler than I? Well she is.

My primary goal was to make it to this pretty little point a couple hundred yards away.

As I was feeling personally pleased with myself to make it that far, she went into high gear and paddled on,

and on. Her sights were clearly set on the Coronado Bridge off in the distance.

And then..., hey, looky there! That's where one of my most awesome cousins live.

Where was I? Oh yes, and then the entire West Coast Seal Team marched out in front of us in full gear. They must have seen me taking pictures of them cause there was a lot of very loud yelling.

Then commandos in boats approached us, acting all friendly, trying to get us to come close enough to get us...

As if that wasn't intimidating enough, they sicked this big destroyer on us...

Needless to say, we turned around post haste and head straight for Lowe's Resort and the Coronado Cays.

I learned something about my wife that day. She had been holding back on me all these years. I discovered that she could paddle at least ten times faster than I thought. Guess she didn't care so much for the military operations.

Okay, so one or two of my reflections here were uncharacteristically exaggerated and not entirely true... for instance, I am really a much better kayaker than I let on.

So then back to the beach what do we find?

One of our sons showing off!

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