Friday, June 18, 2010

Florida Canyon; Balboa Park Trails (#13)

June 9, 2010-

Florida Canyon is one of those "green" areas along the side of the road that you just drive past on your way to the San Diego Zoo or Balboa Park or the San Diego Tennis Club or the Morley Field Sports Complex, never really knowing what's really there.

Hiking trails are scattered throughout this "native plant preserve" which you get to by taking Pershing off of Highway 5, going left on, you guessed it, Florida Canyon Drive. There's a trailhead parking lot about a mile and a half up at Morley Field Drive to the right.

The trail system is divided in half by Florida Canyon Drive. I hiked the east side trails, about three miles in all.

I started by pretty much plunging through overgrown brush at the northern tip of the canyon right down through the middle of a ravine, as compare to the other option of walking the trail around the ridge.

Eventually a trail appeared and I was on my way. Apparently, according to a friendly dog walker I met along the way, two weeks earlier would have found the area in full bloom. It was still pretty to me, but I'm easily pleased.

Once again, the pictures pretty much say what needs to be said. Eventually after walking south, and down into the canyon, I turned up and to the left and took a switchback that took me upward to the ridge.

Walking back on the ridge was boring so I found another trail (plenty to choose from) winding back down to the canyon floor once again.

One thing I REALLY liked about this hike is that I did not see or hear a single rattle snake.

I did find a very nice cactus rose though.

The plant life was abundant and varied. I understand that the Park Rangers and the Balboa Park Natural History Museum docents conduct nature walks; I won't even try to pretend to know or share anything important on the matter.


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