Monday, May 2, 2011

Desert View Nature Trail (#57)

April 25, 2011 -

This particular "Desert View" Trail (there are, not surprisingly, desert view trails all over the place) is in Mount Laguna off of the Sunrise Highway. We took a backwards approach to this hike by  beginning at the end.

The trail head to Desert View is actually in Burnt Rancheria Campground. When I went to pick up our "Adventure Pass," required to park in these here parts, the fella at Laguna Mtn. Lodge suggested that we park at Desert View Picnic area thereby avoiding the additional fee for parking at the campground.

So we did just that, and from the picnic area strutted southward...

 an effort...


...Rancheria Campground...

...and hence...

...what the?

No campground! Just an endless trail heading west; the wrong way. Must have missed a turn somewhere!

So we doubled back...

 the search for...

...just where...

...we went wrong.

And we found it.

It was a gorgeous morning and the entire hike was quite pleasant,

Before too long we found what we were looking for. The trail head marker sat there waiting quietly for someone, like us, to come by and  march onto the trail towards the "desert view."

And we did just that!

We enjoyed yet another great hike today!


Desert View Picnic Area

Off to Find the Trail Head

The trail was heading west. Must have missed a turn!

How did we miss that?

Finally found the trail head!

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