Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cedar Trail (#58)

April 25, 2011 -

After our morning hike on the Desert View Nature Trail out at Mt. Laguna off of Sunrise Highway we drove out here to William Heise County Park in Julian.

For $50 we rented this fancy little Cabin.

It was nice having a place to crash out for the night so we could fit in a few hikes without having to worry about getting back on the road for the drive home.

This cool cluster of a tree, and the large surrounding forest, was the back yard to our temporary home.

And only about 50 yards from our doorstep was this little path that eventually finds the Cedar Trail.

I do recall having been on this exact same trail about twelve years ago.

Cedar trail is just a short one mile loop...

...that circles around the Cedar Creek bottom lands.

The wooded areas here are very pretty and relaxing to walk upon.

The 2003 Cedar Fire left its mark here as it did throughout the Cuyamaca Mountain area.

From here, if we wanted to, we could have turned off onto a path that would take us to Kelly Ditch Trail. A mere 5.5 miles from here and most certainly we would find ourselves at Lake Cuyamaca (but then we would would have to return - mostly uphill I do believe).

Another Fun Hike!


Cedar Creek

Turnoff to Kelly Ditch Trail

Back to the Cabin.

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