Monday, May 16, 2011

Canyon Oak Trail (#59)

April 25, 2011 -

Soon after hiking the short Cedar Trail loop, Wilson and I found our way to the Canyon Oak Trail. We were feeling pretty stoked because this was our third hike of the day. We were on a roll and feeling good!

As we strode along the pavement paths of the William Heise Campround in search of the Canyon Oak Trail, Wilson kept nudging me and mumbling about how he was sure that he spied some creepy plump creatures loitering in the undergrowth.

While at times I have my doubts about Wilson's utterances, I always listen to him because sometimes he's spot on... like this time! All of a sudden, out into the light of day, strutted nearly a dozen wild turkeys, all of them loudly gobbling.

For some reason, when we invited them all to dinner they hastily marched up the nearby hill and as far away as they could.

Eventually the trail head came into view and the hike was on.

 The first portion of the hike was shrouded by a friendly, well-shaded forest.

As the trail went on there were some mild uphill sections...

...and more remaining evidence of the 2003 Cedar fires.

The downhill portions of our hikes are always the most appealing as far as Wilson is concerned.

After a few hours of hiking we made it back just in time for sunset.

Another Great Hike!!

It was more than a little bit creepy to wake up the next morning and peek out the back window of my cabin only to find a lone turkey waiting in ambush. Freaky little creatures they are, I'm telling you!


What are those critters lurking in the sadows?

Well boil my gravy!! I do believe thems are wild turkeys!

I don't think the turkeys appreciated jokes about gravy!

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