Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lake Wohlford (#32)

August 30, 2010 - Valley View Casino has an excellent buffet - seriously! I mention this because one of the roads you can take to get to Valley View just happens to be Lake Wohlford Road. If you do take that road, you drive right along the north side of this pretty little fishing lake and get a decent view of it as you pass.

Lake Wohlford is actually in Escondido, not too very far from the Daley Ranch (#30) where I took you a couple weeks back. For hiking purposes the lake is divided into two halves, north and south, by virtue of the dam on the west end and the natural terrain to the east.

I hiked the south side and I picked a perfect time for it - 8:00 on a Monday morning. I pretty much had the entire lake to myself for the hour and a half I was there.

With one friendly fisherman throwing a line in from the bank and two guys on the water fishing from a canoe, the place was exceptionally quiet except for the highly coveted sounds of nature. Very serene!

I think I only eeked out about two miles of walking on this hike, so it was a short. The scenery made up for it though.

You can check out the pictures and see what you think.

Another Great Hike!


View from the dirt parking lot on the south side of lake.

View Looking east.

Cool rock formation.

Blue Heron

View of north side of the lake.

North end

Snowy Egret

Prairie Lizard

The dam at the west end

Rock monsters!

Friendly angler

Wilson liked this hike!

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