Tuesday, February 1, 2011

San Clemente Canyon (#48)

 January 29, 2011 - My college kid and his right fine college girlfriend (clarification: his only girlfriend!) took me and Wilson to this cool trail they discovered near their crazy college party house (exaggeration - but it sounds good).

The main trail at San Clemente Canyon runs east/west for six miles  between Highways 5 and 805 and is just south of Highway 52. In fact it is close enough to the road that traffic noise is a factor - but that is the only downside to this hike.

The path parallels a small creek and its accompanying riparian growth.

As it turned out we didn't actually hike the entire length of the trail, but what we did do was trek through a side trail, the Biltmore Trail, which we all agreed was the highlight of today's walk.

Beautiful trees...

and a nice shaded path.

Eventually the trail climbs up into a nearby neighborhood. Along the way we stumbled upon a few specimens of extreme-sports youth types getting ready to drop in on their mountain bikes.

We returned to the main trail...

...and soon found ourselves beneath civilization. So what did we do?

We turned around, of course.

Another Great Hike!


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  1. Your best entry yet! My featured presence in this post may or may have not influenced this opinion.