Monday, November 29, 2010

Kumeyaay Lake (#41)

November 18, 2010 - Wilson and I went back to Mission Trails Regional Park to hike the short trail to, and part way around, Kumeyaay Lake.

The well-groomed trail leads to a pleasant little campground with some decent tent sites.

The small lake, at one time reduced to a gravel pit, has been very successfully rehabilitated and is now lush and vibrant with both flora and fauna.

Wilson liked it and he's not always easy to please.

We continued walking along the trail...

...and discovered that there were no more shoreline access points or even views of the lake.

Eventually we ended up within eye shot of some Santee residential development... we turned around, heading back...

...stopping to reflect upon what is really important about these kinds of open spaces.

Before we left we spied the destination of our next visit to Mission Trails Regional Park - Kwaay Paay Peak.

A Short but Fun Hike!

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