Monday, August 9, 2010

Imperial Beach (#28)

August 8, 2010 - Today I walked Imperial Beach from "Boca Rio's," at the south end of the beach, up to the north end of I.B. where it borders with Coronado.

Sunshine and blue skies, but apparently no waves.

The view toward Mexico from the most southwesterly beach in the continental U.S.

There's not a lot of beach in front of the Boca Rio Apartments and the waves often smash into the boulders her.

What a beautiful beach - and I have the whole place to myself! You can see the pier off in the distance.

America's finest lifeguards keeping it safe!

Looking beyond the pier you can see Point Loma on the horizon where we hiked the Bayside Trail (#22) at the Cabrillo National Monument Park.

WHOAA! Where did they all come from? Looks like a bunch of grown-ups building a sandcastle to me.

That's more like it... after all, this is a "kid" sport, right?

...or not!

So much for having the beach all to myself! I went to a friend's house here and asked what was going on. I was quickly reminded of something I should already have known... just happens to be the 30th Annual International Sandcastle Open. THAT 'splains it!

Check it out!

So much for a walk on the pier; I'm not too convinced about the weight capacity so I'll just stick to the beach.

There's the Coronado Islands...

...and Downtown San Diego along with the Coronado Bridge.

Here comes the first and only real wave of the day. A pretty good one at that!

I finally found myself beyond the madness of the annual mobfest when I made it to the south jetty.

Looking back from the north jetty - a great view of the south jetty and pier.

Ye Ol' Plank Inn, An Imperial Beach icon!

This Surfer dude, a new addition to I.B. is VERY cool but is actually facing the wrong direction.

Part of the Sand Castle Days is this very large street fair full of tasty, but fattening, food. I couldn't resist a $9 philly cheese steak sandwich. Hopefully I worked it off on the walk back to my car.


Another great hike!

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