Monday, May 31, 2010

Rice Canyon Trail (#2)

May 24, 2010 -

Day two of my quest for walkin' & bloggin' found me close to home once again. Perusing "" (of which I am now a contributing member) I selected the
Rice Canyon trail for my next stroll.

The trailhead is directly across from Discovery Park where you will find the very cool cactus garden pictured above.

Much of the 4 mile there and back trail is wide and well groomed.

The canyon trail is surrounded on both sides by the nice neighborhoods of Rancho Del Rey, Chula Vista.

The best part of the walk was on my return trip when I crossed over to the south side of the canyon and found the narrow trail you see here.

This part of the trail crosses some really nice meadows on the canyon slope and gives much more of a sense of being out in the wilderness.

A very nice walk!


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