Thursday, May 27, 2010

The First Steps - Otay Valley Regional Park (#1)

Whether it's hiking a trail or learning how to create a "blog," you have to start somewhere, right?

For me, this is one such beginning.

You see, I plan to walk/hike, obsessively, around and throughout San Diego County and beyond, while journaling my experience and reflections on this here bloggy-thingy.

Why? Because I want to walk...
and I wa
nt to blog.

So here I go!

May 22, 2010 -
My journey began only three miles from my home on this
Otay Valley Regional Park System trail. The trail head we used (top photo) is off of Main Street in Chula Vista, CA, just west of the 805 freeway.

My wife and, synonymously, best friend, accompanied me on this walk which amounted to a four mile loop westward to 3rd Avenue and back.

If you live in the South Bay area and have not been on this trail, you would be pleasantly surprised. The trail will eventually link all the way to Imperial Beach.



  1. I love it padre! Like the way you're putting the pictures in there. Don't worry about your supposedly bad "blogging skills". You'll figure out how you want to do it and learn all about it eventually.

    I'm guessing it wont be tooo long before you get the beach in here somehow...

  2. Great pictures! Looking forward to seeing future posts on " this here bloggy-thing"

  3. Very cool 'cuz! You got me wanting to start hiking again. When you conquer San Diego, perhaps you start in the O.C.! Hang in there! C.