Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lake Murray (#24)

July 21, 2010- Lake Murray is a large, five-fingered reservoir directly north of Interstate 8 taking the Lake Murray Blvd. exit in La Mesa.

The best way I can explain Lake Murray is to describe it as the Tour de France, Boston Marathon, San Diego Kennel Club wrapped up all together on a two-lane paved road encircling the Southern California Angler's Club in action.

On and near the lake was almost serene with lots of ducks, geese, and snowy egrets along with some hawks soaring overhead.

This, being one of the three days per week open to fishing, found an ample amount of boat fishers on the water.

I walked along the shore from where I parked for as long as I could, lulled into a sense of being out in nature away from the craziness of the real world...

...then I came to a point where I could walk no further on the shore and was forced to get myself on the so-called "path."

Suddenly I felt like I should have been wearing a helmet even though I was only walking.

The cyclists, whom I couldn't get photos of because they were just a blur, often traveled in packs and were likely part of the U.S. Olympic Team.

After almost being struck a few times, Wilson had a naughty idea; something to do with spokes, but I kept him in check.

Anyway, my trek turned into somewhat of a hybrid experience.

Everywhere that I "could" walk on a trail and off of the pavement, I "did."

Its for that reason that I know my photos are misleading because I mostly only took pictures when I was "off-roading" it.

One great thing about the Lake Murray Trail is that it was reasonably long (6.4 mi) so it made for a good workout.

Unfortunately the trail is "there and back," and doesn't quite make it around the whole reservoir.

"And that's all I have to say about tha'at."

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